Special Cardio Exercise In The Pool

Special cardio exercises in the pool who can work out harder and longer in the water

1. Push-ups on the side of the pool.

2. Dips on the side of the pool.

3. Treading water. (If this is easy for you, hold a dumbbell over your head and try it.)

4. Hold weights in your hands and try running laps in a lap pool. This is fun and challenging.

5. Hold a kickboard and do only kicking-drill laps.

6. Place a Styrofoam block between your legs and hold it tight so that your legs are totally stationary. Now try swimming laps using only your arms.

7. Up-downs: Go into the deep end of the pool. Dive to the bottom and then jump from the bottom back up to the surface. Catch your breath and repeat.

Try to do each of these exercises for 5 sets of 10 repetitions — do what you can in the beginning, and work up to it!


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